Ghana Utilities Performance Index (GUPI)

1. What is the Ghana Utilities Performance Index (GUPI)?
The Ghana Utilities Performance Index (GUPI) is an aggregated performance index computed to evaluate the overall performance of both electricity and water utilities in all regions across the country annually.

The first GUPI would be computed and published by the Commission in November 2022.

2. How would the GUPI be computed?
The GUPI shall evaluate, compute, and rank the performance of all regional utilities, taking into account how closely the utility is performing against established best practices and benchmarks based on some key regulatory indicators.

The index would subsequently be expressed by an aggregated score ranging from 0 (worst utility) to 100 (overall best utility operating at best practice level on all indicators).


3. How would the performance of the utilities be ranked?
The Commission shall utilise key performance indicators set for the regulated utilities and compare them with established utility benchmarks.

The GUPI would then compare actual regional utility performance across the country against established benchmarks.

A framework would be developed for analysing and ranking regions and utilities based on the key performance indicators identified and the computed GUPI.


4. What indicators would be used to compute the GUPI?
The GUPI shall be computed based on established indicators under the following benchmarks.

• Financial Benchmarks
• Technical Benchmarks
• Quality of Service Benchmarks, and
• Any other key performance indicator the Commission deems fit.


5. How often would the GUPI be computed?
The GUPI would be computed by the Commission annually.


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